Cooperation 1 2013

cooperation 1 photo


The main objective of ESARQ’s Cooperation 1 is to introduce students to the context of the cooperation through architecture. To cooperate involves the development of architectural projects in a cooperative context, testing the limits and conditions in such environment and taking an active role as an architect.
Cooperation 1 2013

Asignatura ESARQ: Cooperación I

© Roser Estelrich, Claudia Gratacós and Olalla Piñón.

This time we are going to show you the work of some students of the subject of Cooperation whose objective was to design a house for Chenchus tribe in India at the request of the Foundation Vicente Ferrer.

Student: Roser Estelrich, Claudia Gratacós and Olalla Piñón.
Subject: Cooperación I.
Teachers: Ivan Llach and Raquel Colacios. Asignatura ESARQ: Cooperación I