Master’s Degree in Biodigital Architecture

This Master’s degree in Biodigital Architecture offers a specialisation course of study at the Master’s level in connection with a research line about genetics applied to architecture in a natural and digital way. Both components address the study of architecture from ecological, environmental and digital vantage points.

Within the context of the “Genetic Architecture” study underway at the UIC, this postgraduate programme pays special attention to new digital-cybernetic and ecological-environmental projects in architecture.

The programme is primarily oriented towards the relevance of new biodigital paradigms in project development and addresses the concept of generative genetics in both practical and theoretical capacities.

The curriculum also touches on the idea of morphogenesis, through working with genetic software programs, developing grammar for formal systems and studying developmental processes and emergent systems. New technologies are bringing us towards new means of production (Data Driven Production, CNC), which in turn lead to unconventional architectural formulations that resemble the principles of genetics (variation, mutation) more closely than those of industrial chain production.

The programme is taught and coordinated by an impressive team of renowned professors from across the globe, all of whom have brought significant contributions to the field of contemporary architecture.

Director : Alberto T. Estévez

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