Opening of the 2022 Vertical Workshop marks the beginning of the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture’s academic year

The 2022 Vertical Workshop was the kick-off for the academic year 2022-2023 for the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture. The Vertical Workshop is the big annual work event with participation of more than 120 students in years two through five of Architecture.

Víctor Echarri, the new director of the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, greeted the students and explained the work lines of the school’s faculty team. The team has the support of ongoing collaboration with Josep Lluis, who for the last six years was the director, and for whom both Echarri and rest of the speakers expressed their gratitude for his work in leading the school.

This year’s edition was presented by Juan Trias de Bes and David Masip, architects, lecturers at UIC Barcelona and directors of the 2022 Vertical Workshop. Inaki Baquero, an architect and also a lecturer at the University, was invited to the conference and shared several real examples with the students to illustrate this year’s theme, “Itinerant Architects.”

During the seven-day workshop, different student teams had to devise, design and create architectural exhibition systems for itinerant architects. The objective of the exercise was to work on challenges faced by today’s architects, such as energy efficiency and environmental conservation, flexibility in the use of systems and industrial construction, and circular economy and recyclable materials.

Juan Trias de Bes pointed out the importance of opening the academic year with a project involving teams comprised of students from different years of the programme, which he described as “the best test for professional life.” He explained, “Architects always have to deal with projects as a team. They have to be able to present their ideas, recognise when someone makes more interesting contributions, and, in short, be generous and loyal.”

Víctor Echarri also stressed the importance of values in his opening speech. “May this vertical workshop enlighten the entire year with our University’s values: teamwork, honesty, loyalty and, as always in this school, hard work,” he said. He concluded by wishing “that you feel at home in this school, and work enthusiastically in the service of others.”

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