Final Degree Projects of architecture students propose a new green centrality between Esplugues and L’Hospitalet

Architecture students at UIC Barcelona have submitted design proposals for the future of the border area between Esplugues and L’Hospitalet. Their Final Degree Projects (TFG) seek urban, constructive, and environmental solutions to a metropolitan area that presents great opportunities to unite and structure the territory, making the urban compatible with nature.

The 24 projects devise new collective and civic spaces, reorganise traffic, give priority to active mobility, enhance contact with nature and promote social encounters and equity.

From health facilities, training and research centers or infrastructures to housing and parks, all the projects have taken into account the future challenges of metropolitan areas, such as food, sustainability, accessibility, education and culture.

The TFG of Architecture have been developed during the last two years and have been coordinated by lecturers and architects Iñaki Baquero and Álvaro Cuéllar. The exhibition and presentation of these academic projects took place on 13 and 14 July at the Espai Baronda in Esplugues, where a multidisciplinary jury delivered the final marks.

“The territories of opportunity outside the city of Barcelona are endowed with sufficient complexity for students to experiment with a degree of freedom that offers magnificent results”, explained Iñaki Baquero. He adds that “these projects can serve as references for the technical teams of the city council.”

Álvaro Cuéllar, for his part, highlighed that “the students have managed to turn the weakness of these bordering spaces into strength. They have reconnected them to the rest of the metropolis, responding to the prevailing ecological challenge faced by dense and compact cities such as Barcelona and its surrounding areas”. In this regard, he pointed out that “the high potential of these projects lies in their ability to structure a large green infrastructure in the southwest of Barcelona, ​​a continuum of free spaces of more than 100 hectares”.

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