Alberto T. Estévez publishes a compilation of his research on biodigital architecture from the last five years

The book Biodigital Architecture & Genetics: Writings 2 is a continuation of his first book that was a compilation of essays by the lecturer since 2000

The UIC Barcelona School of Architecture lecturer, Alberto T. Estévez, has just published the book Biodigital Architecture & Genetics: Writing 2. The volume was conceived to gather a selection of his texts between 2015 and 2021 in which his main lines of research, teaching and professional praxis around biodigital architecture are included.

“The content of this volume revolves mainly around the research work developed from UIC Barcelona in the field of biodigital architecture and design. Biodigital architecture is at the vanguard of the 21st century in the field of digital organicism. This is where we try to merge nature and computational design, natural intelligence and artificial intelligence, bio-learning and machine-learning, bio-manufacturing and digital-manufacturing,” explains Alberto T. Estévez.

This volume is a continuation of his first book, published in 2015: Biodigital Architecture & Genetics: Writings, which was a compilation of selected texts from the lecturer since 2000.

Both volumes are designed to be a tool for architectural researchers, teachers and professionals of design and urbanism working in the field of biodigital architecture. In the book they will discover new approaches and insights that relate theory to practice in concrete examples.

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