UIC Barcelona, the Ministry of Defence and the Amics del Castell de Montjuïc Association join forces to disseminate Spain’s military architectural heritage

The three institutions sign a collaboration agreement for the implementation of research, promotion and conservation projects for defensive architectural assets

UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, the Ministry of Defence and the Amics del Castell de Montjuïc Association have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at implementing joint actions to promote and conserve fortified and historical architectural assets (castles, artillery, etc.) across Spain.

This cooperation agreement ratifies the three institutions’ commitment to the promotion and dissemination of the knowledge and culture of defence by researching, promoting and conserving its architectural assets.

“One of the world’s great building and archival heritages is that of the Spanish fortifications scattered over several continents. The study of the documentary sources and the construction of these defences is essential for the new charter for the restoration of this vast heritage by ICOMOS, the International Council on Monuments and Sites, associated with UNESCO”, explains Josep Lluis i Ginovart.

The agreement envisages the creation of a Monitoring Committee, made up of representatives of each of the parties, which will be tasked with planning and evaluating the projects to be carried out jointly.

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