Alfons Puigarnau presents his latest book at UIC Barcelona accompanied by several academics and members of the university community

Graduates Ignacio Infiesta and Marcos Puig, who also took part in the book, participated in the presentation as well

On November 29, the UIC Barcelona Delta Building Auditorium hosted the presentation of a book called Hitchcock: Anatomía del suspense. Espacios y lugares, by UIC Barcelona School of Architecture senior lecturer, Alfons Puigarnau. At the beginning of the event, the senior lecturer provided an overview of his teaching career at UIC Barcelona and described how the book came to be. It reflects some of his teaching as a university lecturer, based on the filmography of the British filmmaker. “Since 2008, when teaching a subject on ethics, we have used the suspense in Hitchcock’s filmography as a tool to teach architectural students new categories for the projection of space,” he said.

Pere Campanario, representative of the book’s publisher, McGraw Hill Education, then took the floor. He explained that editing this book had been “a demanding and very enriching process” because it broke away from the usual line followed by the publishing house. José Enrique Ruiz-Domènec, full professor of history at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, was the next to speak and highlighted the value of the book by pointing out that “the author manages to position suspense as a cultural element through which to understand the limit of today’s philosophy. It’s a magnificent book.” After Domènec, Jaume Aurell, also a full professor of history at the University of Navarra and president of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Thought at UIC Barcelona, also said a few words. In his speech he said that “it is very difficult to understand great works of cinema without the analysis of experts such as Alfons Puigarnau who, in this book, acts as historian, literary critic and film critic, all at the same time”. The event was closed by Fine Arts lecturer from the University of Barcelona, Oriol Vaz-Romero Trueba, who said that “the great quality of this book is that, through visual documents, it manages to describe the aesthetic philosophy of suspense”.

UIC Barcelona School of Architecture graduates Ignacio Infiesta and Marcos Puig, who also took part in the book, participated in the presentation as well. In addition, the senior lecturer was accompanied by some of his family members, several members of the university community and lecturers from the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, such as Iñigo Ugalde, Alberto Estévez, Borja Ferrater, Maria Isabel Gabarró and Ricardo Gómez Val.

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