Jaime Font highlights the value of ceramic materials in contemporary architecture

The architect and founding partner of the MESURA architecture studio participated in the 18th edition of the Barcelona Ceramics Chair

On 5 October, architect Jaime Font, one of the founding partners of the Catalan architecture studio MESURA, gave a talk at the 18th edition of the Barcelona Ceramics Chair of UIC Barcelona School of Architecture.
The chair’s director, Vicenç Sarrablo, presented both the speaker and the studio. He pointed out MESURA’s strong trajectory, as a studio founded in 2011 by former university classmates, and highlighted its ability to construct, in a few short years, a language of its own within the architectural landscape. ” MESURA studio houses five young architects who have boosted their trajectory using materials that are humble in appearance such as ceramics, with strong results at a technical level,” he said.
Jaime Font then began his talk, in which he described the working dynamics in his office and his professional positioning, starting off with two of his best-known projects: Casa Ter and Casa IV. “We set up the office in the midst of a crisis and realised that the time had come for architecture that was prudent, but not cowardly or timid,” he explained. “Over the years, MESURA has moved towards a type of architecture based on the use of very humble materials and the quest to achieve highly forceful geometry,” he added.


The architect highlighted the value of ceramics in contemporary architecture, due to its artisan and polyvalent nature. “Although it may seem contradictory, the most disruptive architecture that can transform people’s way of life can be achieved with a type of ceramic-based material,” he argued.
Today, MESURA has a team of more than 40 architects, designers and technical engineers. They have been categorised as Rising Stars (WAN 2018), Emerging Studio (Dezeen 2018) and, among other awards, they won the award for the best young architects in Catalonia (AJAC for construction and landscaping), the AR Casa Prize (CASA IV) and Europan.

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