Twenty-four new architects celebrate their graduation ceremony at UIC Barcelona

The event took place in the Aula Magna lecture theatre last Friday and was attended by the prestigious architect and patron of the graduation ceremony, Jacobo García-Germán

On 16 July, the Aula Magna hosted the graduation ceremony of the 24 students to graduate from the 2020-2021 UIC Barcelona School of Architecture cohort. The School’s director, Josep Lluis i Ginovart, opened the event by highlighting its significance and thanked the students, their families and the School’s teaching staff for being there. 

Then, lecturer and student coordinator Marta Benages spoke, urging the new architects to maintain ties with the University, and encouraged them to “continue to follow their instinct when working as professional architects”. 

The patron of this graduation ceremony was prestigious architect Jacobo García-Germán, founder of the architecture studio GarciaGermán Arquitectos and lecturer, since 2005, at the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Madrid (ETSAM). In his keynote speech, García-Germán reminded his audience that “architectural intelligence goes beyond building buildings. It is a way of existing in the world.” He also spoke about the progressive diversification of the profession. “Architects are always creating more chaos, but it is something we should celebrate,” he said. He also encouraged the new architects to maintain the drive they have had at university throughout their career. 

After him, Mireia Acacio, the academic year’s class representative, exclaimed how “in this end, we all share one common joy. The joy of having achieved a personal and professional goal that we set ourselves a long time ago.” 

Josep Lluis i Ginovart was tasked with closing the event. “As a School, we are proud to have taught you how to seek out the truth, no matter what. We have been building on this Earth for more than twenty-one centuries and designing highly prestigious architecture. You now have the skills and knowledge you need to keep this legacy going”, he said. The graduation ceremony ended with the University’s traditional anthem, “Gaudeamus Igitur”.

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