During the Foros 2021 lecture series, Jorge Gorostiza claimed that fiction has currently superseded reality

The talk by the architect and film critic was accompanied by a screening of two films at the Film Archive of Catalonia 

On 15 April, the architect and Canarian film critic, Jorge Gorostiza, took part in the Foros lecture series at the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture and, in his talk, said that “screens have superseded reality, fiction has won the game against reality.” Gorostiza talked about the various phenomena that illustrate the increasingly strong relationship between fiction and reality, such as the explosion of the video game industry – which already outperforms the cinema in terms of business volume – the increased use of multi-screens, the high level of mobile use among new generations or the emergence of media façades around the world. 

Jorge Gorostiza’s talk was preceded by the screening of two films at the Film Archive of Catalonia. On 13 April Peter Greenaway’s film The Belly of an Architect was screened. The next day, 14 April, the film My architect by Nathaniel Kahn, son of the famous American architect Louis I. Kahn was screened.  Both screenings were presented by Jorge Gorostiza, who dove into the relationship between cinema and architecture and, in particular, the way in which the architect’s profession has been reflected in film.

Jorge Gorostiza has published numerous articles and books on film and architecture since the 1990s and, between 2000 and 2005, was director of the Canarian Film Archive. He takes part in juries for numerous film festivals and gives lectures in architecture schools and cultural centres throughout Spain.

Entitled “Expectations” the Foros 2021 lecture series will undertake a reflection on the reconstruction scenario as a result of the COVID-19 crisis in all sectors of society, with a special focus on architecture and urban planning.

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