Architecture students design an industrialised modular system to equip homes in the Eixample neighbourhood in Barcelona with outdoor space

The project was carried out as part of the ReFAB Climate subject and received participation from various industries representatives from the construction sector

Fourteen UIC Barcelona School of Architecture students developed a light industrial modular system that aims to provide accessible and quality outdoor spaces for homes in the Eixample area of Barcelona. The project was carried out as part of the ReFAB Climate subject, directed by Professor Oriol París and sponsored by the Picharchitects/Pich-Aguilera architecture studio. 

The students carried out a detailed study of the blocks in the Eixample, including their facades and roofs, with the aim of being able to add volume that could be adapted to the needs of the inhabitants. From there, they designed their proposals, which ended up being merged into a single prototype that was built on the premises of the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture. It is a DIY module based on a self-assembled structure. The space is protected by green covers, using sandwich panels, and solar protection made from textile material which in turn, houses vegetation. The paving and furniture were designed using existing concrete pieces. 

The following industry manufacturers specialising in the production of construction systems provided their support to develop this prototype: Manni Tech GreenIsopanSerge Ferrari and Breinco. Representatives of these firms actively participated in the process, sharing their knowledge with students, and providing the material required to construct the prototype. 

According to the lecturers, this project demonstrates the enormous potential that exists to resolve the need for good quality external spaces that provide comfort for all and enables a dialogue to take place on the legal restrictions that prevent projects of this kind from becoming a reality. “The success of this course is due to the involvement of industry representatives,” concluded Oriol París. 

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