UIC Barcelona lecturer Jelena Prokopljević to curate Arquinset 2020

The 14th edition of this lecture series, which this year will be held entirely online, will explore the role of temporary interventions and ephemeral architecture in urban settings

UIC Barcelona lecturer Jelena Prokopljević to curate Arquinset 2020
Miramirall installation, ©FAD

Jelena Prokopljević, lecturer at the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, will be curating the 14th edition of the Arquinset lecture series, organised by the FAD Interdisciplinary Association of Space Design. This year, the series will be held from 19 October to 16 November and will be titled “Ephemeral Architecture at the FAD Awards”. The event will explore temporary interventions and ephemeral architecture as vehicles for creating meaning and identity at events and in urban settings. 

“We’ll be seeing projects that bring together a diverse range of professional profiles, offering audiences a chance to explore narratives, methodologies and techniques that they might not get to see in their everyday work. This is why many ephemeral projects have influenced the course of modern architecture, establishing themselves as points of reference and questioning the dichotomy between the permanent and the temporary in architecture”, highlighted Jelena Prokopljević. 

The programme this year comprises five meetings that will be streamed live. Each of these sessions includes two speakers who have been chosen from the list of finalists who were selected and received awards in the most recent editions of the FAD Awards. Highlights of the list of participants include Mariona Benedito, Curro Claret, Ivan Blasi, Victoria Garrido, Dani Freixes, Josep Ferrando, Xevi Bayona, Carlos Quintáns and Ethel Baraona. The programme will touch on such themes as “Ephemeral architecture and intangible agents”, “Ephemeral interventions in urban spaces”, “Ephemeral interventions and architectural heritage”, “Exhibition and event design” and “Exhibiting architecture”.

The complete programme for the lecture series can be viewed on the official ArquinFAD website and all sessions will be made available on the event’s official YouTube account.  

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