Alberto T. Estévez speaks at the Industry 4.0 SUMMIT in Manchester

Alberto T. Estévez, director of the Master’s Degree in Biodigital Architecture at the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, spoke at the Industry 4.0 SUMMIT in Manchester held on 10–11 April. The lecturer presented the paper “Machine learning approach for biological pattern-based shell structures”, the work of master’s degree lecturers Effimia Giannopoulou, Pablo Baquero, Affonso Orciuoli, Angad Warang and Estévez himself.

The study Estévez presented in Manchester showcases the lines of research currently pursued by the Genetic Architecture Consolidated Research Group and the Institute for Biodigital Architecture & Genetics at UIC Barcelona. “On having being invited by the summit’s director, taking part in this event represents strong recognition for our research and teaching”, said Estévez.

All presentations from this summit on advanced technology will be compiled in a book published by Taylor & Francis and indexed by Scopus.

The Industry 4.0 SUMMIT is an advanced technology conference on the latest digital and robotic advances in engineering, architecture and design.

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