A new edition of the University Master’s Degree in Biodigital Architecture is launched

On 7 January the new edition of our University Master’s Degree in Biodigital Architecture was launched. UIC Barcelona has been offering this master’s degree since the year 2000, directed by full professor Alberto T. Estévez. It is a pioneering postgraduate programme which tackles architecture from a digital and biological perspective and undertakes in-depth study into the latest technology in order to create new opportunities for architectural production.

This master’s degree has once again increased its international nature this year, with more than 10 different nationalities represented among students, from countries such as Turkey, Qatar, India, the United States, Greece and Lithuania. The course director said “We predict an intense year ahead, with many workshops on the most cutting-edge issues in architecture today: 3D printed houses, fractals, and artificial intelligence, etc.”.

Each of these new workshops will be led by professors with strong professional and academic backgrounds, such as Matías del Campo and Sandra Manninger, lecturers from the University of Michigan who are experts in biodigital architecture, and Bernat Espigulé, a physicist who is an expert in the development of fractals. These new names will be added to already consolidated professors on this programme such as Alberto T. Estévez himself, Karl Chu, Neil Leach, Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa and Affonso Orciuoli.

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