PhD student Zeynep Birgonul takes part in the 5th IPCMC conference in Cyprus

On 17 November, PhD student at UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, Zeynep Birgonul, took part in the 5th International Project and Construction Management Conference (IPCMC), which was held between 16 and 18 November at the Cyprus International University. Birgonul presented her article “Symbiotic data platform: Prototype I and prototype II”, written along with Dr Ana Cocho-Bermejo, who was also part of the international scientific committee at the conference.

The article develops the interactive stage of information building modelling at the operative stage, while optimising thermal comfort by updating energy analysis based on advanced sustainability criteria. “Project management is basic to efficient integration of all disciplines involved in the built environment, including innovation in technology and sustainability”.

The IPCMC is a biennial event which aims to bring together researchers and global experts from the architecture, engineering and construction industries to share their latest findings from their research and to discuss their recent experiences. Similarly, the event aims to promote the development of global academic networks in the field of construction.

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