Architecture students now have the opportunity to extend their studies at UCLA

UIC Barcelona and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have entered into an agreement whereby students from the School of Architecture may earn extension certificates from this North American university. Thanks to this agreement, students from the School will also receive a 15% discount on these certificate programmes.

The agreement offers a number of advantages. In addition to the reduced cost, the students will also benefit from the programmes’ unique possibilities and gain professional experience in the United States. On the one hand, the agreement opens the door for internships in the US for the duration of the programme. On the other, students may apply for a 12-month work permit at the end of the academic programme and stay on working in the United States.

According to School lecturer Carmen Mendoza Arroyo, “the agreement with UCLA offers graduates from our university the chance to further their education at the 17th best university for Architecture in the world. Our students will be able to extend their studies in areas that complement their training, earn a specialisation from this prestigious university and gain work experience at big-name studios”.

General view of UIC Barcelona School of Architecture


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