Archikubik: Parking Saint Roch

The project Parking Saint Roch is an architectural work from Archikubik office, made up of Marc Chalamanch, Carmen Santana and Miquel Lacasta, a professor at UIC Barcelona ESARQ-School of Architecture. The project was selected in the Ceramic Awards Hispalyt and for Catalan Pavilion, Biennale de Venice 2016 and received special mention at the Ceramic Award ASCER 2016.


The parking is located in the heart of Montpellier, in the ZAC New Saint-Roch including the plans for the extension of the city centre. The Parking is the structuring link in the extension of pedestrian areas between the Place de la Comédie and the train station. Saint Roch, in the heart of the railway landscape, completes “the intermodal transport unit” of the exchange of the train station.

Plan de Situation.jpg

The insertion of the “suspended-street”, the spine of the parking space, establishes an enlargement of the public space (ep) and re-activates the relationship between the users of the parking and the locals. It can be either passage or a place, depending on the expansion of the “suspended-street”, but in either case, it is an area of social cohesion.

This space illustrates the concept of shared private spaces that invite to recreate the link between users by promoting meetings and joint ownership of private spaces, a natural continuation of the dynamic public space.

This new parking can go beyond the original program and turns into a relationship building, acting by its environment. The beacon element of the parking is also an urban connecting element that creates a junction with the station area located to the east, and the railway tracks, now linked to the rest of the sector by the only bridge of Sète.

The building contains in its DNA code the potential mutability and evolutionally, to accommodate future uses like offices and homes or other emerging applications in this new era of an information society. In short, it must integrate the time vector in architecture to be able to be projected into the future.

The use of a sustainable material like clay, combined with an innovative application: the ceramic fabric, allows us to incorporate an urban quality and brings the building to a kinder scale, making it turn into an organoleptic building that vibrates to the passing of trains and wind.

Location: ZAC Nouveau Saint Roch, Montpellier, France • Architects: ARCHIKUBIK, Marc Chalamanch, Carmen Santana and Miquel Lacasta • Photography: Adrià Goula.

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