AVA Barcelona Summit #1

On Saturday 22 October, the ArchViz Association will hold a day of round tables and debates, which will bring together some of the best professionals in the world of archviz, in order to discuss highly important topics in the field of visualization.
It will address issues such as the archviz’s influence in architecture, the new technologies and cutting-edge research, art, photography, education, training, new business models and the creation of a platform for the organization of archviz professionals.


ava_summit_bcnJeff Mottle (CGArchitect)
Ronen Bekerman (The Craft)
Trond Greve (Mir Visuals)
Gianpiero Monopoly (SOA)
Jason Bergeron (d2)
Adán Martín
Luis Rivero (Urbansimulations)
Patricio Navarro (ArX Solutions)

Table of events

10:00 – Check-in
10:30 – AVA Presentation
10:45 – First Round Table: Art & Tecnology
5 minutes break
12:30 – Second Round Table: Comunication
13:45 – Lunch break
15:00 – Third Round Table: Business models
15 minutes break
17:00 – Grand debate: International Associations
19:30 – Closing
20:15 – Cocktail & dinner (not included in fee)


Date: Saturday 22 October 2016, from 10 a.m to 8.15 p.m.
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA))
Fee: 30 €

About AVA

The Architectural Visualization Association (AVA) is a not-for-profit organization, whose objective is to contribute to the dissemination, the organisation and the recognisation of the work of professionals in architectural visualization.
AVA’s mission is to defend the social, technical and artistic values of ArchViz professionals all over the world, by always keeping a critic approach and an equidistant position for the sake of benefiting all its members.
Born in 2016 in the city of Barcelona, it embodies the challenge of becoming the first international institution that defenses the interests of any architectural visualizer.

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