Archikubik: Mixed Block, Eco Quartier Carnot Verollot, Ivry-Sur-Seine

The project Mixed Block, Eco Quartier Carnot Verollot, is an architectural work from Archikubik office, made up of Marc Chalamanch, Carmen Santana and Miquel Lacasta, a professor at UIC Barcelona ESARQ-School of Architecture. The project has won the FAD International Award 2015.

The urban challenge consists of reactivating and redefining the district of Paris, disconnected from the rest of the city, in which is found an industrial wasteland without any historical value as well as a city of the dilapidated road in transit.

The project is confronted with an urban sewing problematic because the field locates between a great set of multi-family housing with six levels in the north and pavilions with one or two levels in the south, which the project link and reconnect. This urban work of acupuncture preserves the spirit of the suburban area, proposing a reflection on urban densification and compactness. The land was fenced and closed.

The study of the territory with strength lines helped to create permeability in the heart of the island to prevent hardening on the front of the street, as recommended by the local PLU. The layout of the buildings along the Rue Carnot allows us to develop urban windows able to connect the district, to dialogue with the Parisian cemetery and to exploit its potential for a “green lung”.

Ivry-sur-Seine _ Archikubik (2)

After consultation with the Town Planning Services of the City and the residents, we proposed the creation of public space in the heart of the island, which revolves around a square, a pedestrian street E-W and an alley N-S. These new facilities, structuring at the level of the project as well as the neighborhood, allow recreating, to the north the urban connection with the town of Kremlin Bicêtre, and link neighborhoods west of Ivry sur Seine with the district of Paris. The public space here becomes the engine of urban renewal.

Ivry-sur-Seine _ Archikubik (3)Ivry-sur-Seine _ Archikubik (4)Ivry-sur-Seine _ Archikubik (5)

A shared garden is arranged out near the square, to promote social cohesion between new residents and the local population and the establishment, within private co-ownership green areas are planted in the ground (shared private spaces) allowing a close dialogue of permeability with the public space created.

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The program includes mixed housing (social and obtainable) and a residence for young professionals. The project is part of an urban project partnership (PUP). It responses to the environmental approach HQE® and will be certified Qualitel HPE 2000.

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Location: Ivry-Sur-Seine, Paris, france • Architecture and Urbanism: Archikubik: Miquel Lacasta, Marc Chalamanch, Carmen Santana • Photos: Benoit Fougeiro

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