Spring Biodigital Seminar

In January the 2016 edition of the University Master’s Degree in Biodigital Architecture 2016 was launched. The course Director is Professor and Architect Dr Alberto T. Estévez.

This pioneering postgraduate programme combines architecture and design, biology and new digital technologies, and has a unique perspective of architecture from both a biological and a digital point of view. As part of the Master’s degree programme, and entitled “Spring Biodigital Seminar”, conferences will be given by renowned architects and researchers, both national and international.

We invite you to join us at the following open lectures:

Alberto T. Estévez

Genetic Architectures SeriesNature & Architecture, 4 April at 10 am

Alberto T. Estévez (Barcelona, 1960), Architect (UPC, 1983), Architecture Ph.D. of Sciences (UPC, 1990), Art Historian (UB, 1994), Art History Ph.D. of Arts (UB, 2008): with professional office of architecture and design (Barcelona, 1983-today). Teaching in different universities for more than 25 years, in the knowledge’s areas of architectural design, architectural theory and art history, until founding UIC Barcelona School of Architecture (1996), where he teaches as Professor of architecture, after being its first Director (1996-2005). He founded also two research lines with two masters’ degrees and Ph.D. programmes: “Genetic Architectures / Biodigital Architecture” (UIC Barcelona, 2000-today) and “History, Architecture and Design” (UIC Barcelona, 1998-today). He has written more than one hundred publications and has participated in a large number of exhibitioins, congresses and conferences around Europe, America and Asia. Perhaps, the most important is that he has created the world’s first Genetic Architectures Laboratory (UIC Barcelona, Barcelona, 2000), with -for first time in the history of architecture- geneticists working with architectural objectives, in a real application of genetics to architecture.

Ernest Ferré

Genetic Architectures SeriesLe Corbusier, fascination for Nature, 5 April at 10 am

Arturo Frediani

Genetic Architectures SeriesEvolutionary Aesthetics of Architecture, 12 April at 10 am

Carmelo Zappulla

Genetic Architectures SeriesBio-digital patterns, 18 April at 10 am

Ignasi Pérez-Arnal

Genetic Architectures SeriesBiodigital Design for a Biodigital Manufacturing, 26 April at 10 am

Rodrigo Carbajal

Genetic Architectures SeriesAlgorithm for sale, 10 May at 10 am

Ramón Sastre

Genetic Architectures SeriesTensegrity, textile & parametric structures, 24 May at 10 am

Judith Urbano

Genetic Architectures SeriesSurrealistics Spaces, 27 May at 10 am


Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa

Genetic Architectures SeriesExpanding authorship from representation to materiality, 31 May at 10 am

Jordi Faulí

Genetic Architectures SeriesInsides: Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia, 7 June at 10 am

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