International Competition for Architectural Ideas Suncheon Art Platform

The city of Suncheon seeks for ideas for the Suncheon Art Platform to be built on the site with rich historical trails.

International Competition for Architectural Ideas Suncheon Art PlatformThe Suncheon Art Platform is composed of an art center, a visitor center, and the new Yeonja-ru. The Art center will be a place for cultural exchanges between the local community and the visitors to Suncheon. The Visitor Center will be a hub for Suncheon urban tour. The new Yeonja-ru will be a new iconic landmark of the city through creative interpretation of the old. Reassembling historic assets scattered throughout the city in tandem with the ongoing Urban Regeneration Projects, the Suncheon Art Platform will play a crucial role in cultivating cultural heritage of the city and revitalizing the economy of the Old City.

The competition is opened to:

  • All registered or non-registered professionals around the globe.
  • All current students and matriculated experts who majored in architecture, city planning, and related fields.
  • Although there is no limit to the number of members in a team, duplicate registration is prohibited.
  • Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged.
  • If participants choose to submit as a team, each team must appoint a representative.


Alexandre Llapart, UIC Barcelona School of Architecture.

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