Genetic Architectures Series

In January the 2016 edition of the University Master’s Degree in Biodigital Architecture 2016 was launched. The course Director is Professor and Architect Dr Alberto T. Estévez.

This pioneering postgraduate programme combines architecture and design, biology and new digital technologies, and has a unique perspective of architecture from both a biological and a digital point of view. As part of the Master’s degree programme, and entitled “Genetic Architectures Seminar”, conferences will be given by renowned architects and researchers, both national and international.

We invite you to join us at the following open lectures:

Alberto T. Estévez

Genetic Architectures Series:  Alberto T. EstevezBiodigital Architecture & Genetics, 7 January at 10 am

Alberto T. Estévez (Barcelona, 1960), Architect (UPC, 1983), Architecture Ph.D. of Sciences (UPC, 1990), Art Historian (UB, 1994), Art History Ph.D. of Arts (UB, 2008): with professional office of architecture and design (Barcelona, 1983-today). Teaching in different universities for more than 25 years, in the knowledge’s areas of architectural design, architectural theory and art history, until founding UIC Barcelona School of Architecture (1996), where he teaches as Professor of architecture, after being its first Director (1996-2005). He founded also two research lines with two masters’ degrees and Ph.D. programmes: “Genetic Architectures / Biodigital Architecture” (UIC Barcelona, 2000-today) and “History, Architecture and Design” (UIC Barcelona, 1998-today). He has written more than one hundred publications and has participated in a large number of exhibitioins, congresses and conferences around Europe, America and Asia. Perhaps, the most important is that he has created the world’s first Genetic Architectures Laboratory (UIC Barcelona, Barcelona, 2000), with -for first time in the history of architecture- geneticists working with architectural objectives, in a real application of genetics to architecture.

Agustí Fontarnau

Genetic Architectures Series:  Agusti FontarnauGenetics for architects, 7 January at 3 pm


Judith Urbano

Genetic Architectures Series: Judith UrbanoAntoni Gaudí & Salvador Dalí: sources of genetic architectures, 8 January at 10 am


Diego Navarro

Genetic Architectures Series: Diego NavarroComplex Surfaces and Continuity, 11 January at 10 am


Dennis Dollens

Genetic Architectures Series: Dennis DollensU R an OS, 25 January at 10 am

Dennis Dollens is a research designer and writer living in Santa Fe, NM. He has taught in the Genetic Architecture Program at UIC Barcelona School of Architecture. His most recent book is “DBA: Digital-Botanic Architecture.

Nelson Montás

Genetic Architectures Series: Judith Urbano: Nelson MontasPerformance Software Approaches for Kinetic Architecture, 27 January at 5.30 pm


Maria Voyatzaki

Genetic Architectures Series: Judith Urbano: Maria VoyatzakiBio_Logics in and beyond a Nutshell, 28 January at 10 am

Maria Voyatzaki is associate professor of architectural design and technology at the School of Architecture of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) since 2001. Her PhD at the University of Bath, School of Architecture (1996) investigated the design process of non-standard architecture entitled “An Insight into the Design Process of Unconventional Structures”. Her research and respective published work focuses on the integration of an idea and its materiality aiming at enhancing the quality of architecture through this integration. Recent research focuses on the morphogenetic power of matter in computational design processes. She organises, participates in the scientific and organizing committees, and lectures at a great number of international student workshops and international conferences for architecture educators. She is the Coordinator of the European Network of Construction Teachers since 2001 and the Coordinator of the Design and Technology ENHSA network since 2008.

Pablo Baquero

Genetic Architectures Series: Judith Urbano: Pablo BaqueroArchitectural workflows for digital materialization informed design, 28 January at 5.30 pm


Lula Criado and Meritxell Rosell

Genetic Architectures Series: Lula CriadoBioArt, Biodesign and Artech, 3 March at 10 am

Lula Criado is Editor-in-Chief, Curator & Lecturer and Meritxell Rosell is Ph.D. Head Editor, Curator & Lecturer of Clot Magazine, an online publishing and curational platform that aims to collect, display, broadcast and promote the crossover of Art and Science. The magazine features this exciting and transgressive art movement, called Bio.Art.Tech, by studying the creators and their lines of work, seeking trends in the disciplines we are focused on and publishing compelling conversations with talented and inspiring innovators.

Neil Leach

Genetic Architectures Series: Neil LeachBio-Philosophy and Digital Realm, 14 March at 10 am

Neil Leach is an architect, curator and writer. He is currently Visiting Professor at Harvard University GSD, Professor at the European Graduate School, Visiting Professor at Tongji University, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern California. He has also taught at UIC Barcelona, SCI-Arc, Architectural Association, Columbia GSAPP, Cornell University, Dessau Institute of Architecture, London Consortium , Royal Danish School of Fine Arts, University of Nottingham, University of Bath, University of Brighton among others. His research interests fall broadly into two fields, critical theory and digital design. In the field of critical theory, he has published a number of monographs and edited volumes, dealing largely with the impact of importing theoretical tools from critical theory into an architectural arena.

Affonso Orciuli

Genetic Architectures Series: Affonso OrciuoliMatter and Digital Fabrication, 29 March at 10 am

Brazilian-Italian architect holding a degree from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of Mackenzie University (São Paulo). CEO in Rede Brasileira de Fabricação Digital, official McNeel reseller and Rhino plug-ins in Brazil. He shares this occupation with activities in Barcelona since 1991. He specializes in software applications in design (CAD), simulation (VR) and manufacturing (CAM), as teacher and researcher associated with various academic institutions, such as the University Master’s Degree in Biodigital Architecture where he is co-responsible for the Digital Architecture Workshop. His mission is to introduce a clear and transparent way of using information systems further applied to design, architecture and computation, based in NetWorking.

Ana Cocho-Bermejo

Genetic Architectures Series: Ana Cocho-BermejoHOP and Dynamic Adaptability Logics, 2 May at 10 am

Expert in Machine Learning & Adaptive Architecture; Expert in multidisciplinary design with innovative technologies and theories & digital fabrication. PhD Technology in Architecture @ Barcelona Tech 2012, Valles School of Architecture, with Professor Ramon Sastre Sastre; Researching design & digital fabrication processes understood as new adaptable behaviours in Parametric Architecture based on Complex Systems with an Artificial Neural Network learning performance & a Genetic Algorithm environmental adaptability processes; researching digital fabrication & performance through microcontrollers Arduino Chip based, with a Machine Learning software implementation.

Karl Chu

Genetic Architectures Series: Judith Urbano: Karl ChuMetaphysics and Computation, 13 June at 10 am

Metaxy is Chu’s architectural practice at the cutting-edge of the creation & implementation of new concepts for architecture and design based on the genetic paradigm. The studio deploys computation as a generative engine to arrive at the construction of possible worlds of architecture that are imaginative, surreal & enigmatic. As such, architecture is conceived as a generic construct situated within the emerging concept of the global brain: sublimation of collective intelligence through architectural form. In addition to solving architectural problems, the primary focus of the studio is directed toward the architecture of the Real: a phenomenology of affects invoked through artistic modulation of the underlying logic of form, both in terms of its intrinsic & extrinsic properties and relations. Karl Chu first conceived the contemporary notion of genetic architecture – a farreaching idea that transcends its biological origins. Genetics is thought of as an extension of the philosophical concept of genesis channeled through the medium of computation: deployment of logical systems for the propagation & mutation of hereditary information involved in the architectural design process. Chu has taught, lectured, published and exhibited his work internationally.

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