Foros 2016: Arquitectura-G

To mark the almost ten years since they graduated at the School of Architecture at UIC Barcelona, the members of Arquitectura-G will be giving a talk in the framework of the Foros 2016 cycle, “Origin”, organized by the same university.

In their presentation they’ll be looking back over the works they have produced in nearly ten years devoted to medium- and small-scale architecture, awarded the 2015 Mies van der Rohe Emerging Architect Prize.

This award is a biennial competition whose main objective is to recognize and commend excellence in the field of architecture and highlights the important contribution of Europe to the development of new concepts and technologies professionals. The first edition was held in 1988 and since 2000, it also recognizes the work of young professionals with the Emerging Architect Special Mention and became the official architecture prize of the European Union.

2015 Mies van der Rohe Emeerging Architect Prize

Arquitectura-G is an architectural studio with its headquarters in Barcelona, mainly involved in building and teaching. The idea behind its philosophy is teamwork in which individuality is dissolved in favour of working together. The material aspect is fundamental for the studio, and is understood as a field of research in and of itself. The practice works by applying the best tailored solutions, in line with the client’s objectives, and by prioritising lasting personal relationships, based on trust.

In 2006 the architects Jonathan Arnabat, Jordi Ayala-Bril, Igor Urdampilleta and Aitor Fuentes, Alumni of the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, founded Arquitectura-G. The work carried out by the studio has been published in various media sources, both at a national and an international level, and it has received various awards and great recognition, including the 2013 ASCER Interior Design Award, as well as the 2015 Mies van der Rohe Award for Emerging Architecture.

In 2008, Arquitectura-G set up Escritos-G as a tool for learning and to improve its professional activity, with the aim of constructing critical discourse and generating a debate on contemporary architecture. Escritos-G is a collection of conversations on architecture held between the members of Arquitectura-G and various other architects whose work has raised interest in the profession, both in society and in the media. And in 2011, the studio launched Indoors that undertakes the edition and sale of work created by Arquitectura-G and other internationally renowned designers.

Arquitectura G – Indoors

Among Arquitectura-G’s featured projects, we can find works such as:

Casa luz, Cilleros, Spain

The project consists in a complete remodel of an old town house in Extremadura just keeping the retained rough-textured existing façades and the party walls. The programme is divided in four identical size spaces which rise around a courtyard. There is a livingroom, a kitchen and two bedrooms with a bathroom each.
Choosing a deciduous tree guarantees us a shadow in the hottest season, while in winter lets in the sun to heat and light the rooms. It also works as a visual filter between spaces. The ground floor is a free plan suitable for many uses, without heating either air-conditioning but connected with the garden at the back.
The work shows its pure materiality and deliberately contrasts with irregular textures of rammed-earth and stone, which have been whitewashed. It has sought an atmosphere where the red color of the ceramic and the intense green birch predominate, and it’s the light that bathes these materials through various shades of the walls and floors throughout the day. The ceramic material itself gives us the desired texture and warm color, so paintings or false ceilings were unnecessary.

Masia in Empordá, Spain

For the rehabilitation of a farmhouse of 900m2 in the Empordà (Girona, Spain), the result is a house of countless lounges, dining rooms where family and his frequent guests to live without feeling the need to leave the interior. The ampurdanés landscape looks out the windows while inside a maze of different rooms and courtyards of light filtered where to relax, eat, work, take naps, reading and swimming opens.

Shop Altrescoses/Otrascosas/Otherthings, Barcelona, Spain

Arquitectura-G was commissioned by AOO to transform a former warehouse into an office and a retail space to sell furniture and products from its own label and selected other brands.

Born Housing, Barcelona, Spain

Located in the Born in Barcelona, this housing of 34 m2 and 4.5m high, is divided by a wall into two rooms of similar size. Neglecting current standards of habitability and construction, each zone is granted the necessary scale for use and each item the necessary features. The spaces are formed depending on the size and privacy they require, and wealth is given by the relationships generated between them. Therefore, rather than speaking of space “over” or “below”, we can speak of “spaces between”, “spaces beside” or “space”.

This is a good opportunity to continue learning from the branches of architecture so we invite you to join us at Foros 2016:

Date: Monday, 29 February 2016 – 7 p.m.
Lecture: Arquitectura-G
Place: UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, Aula Magna (Main Hall) – C/ Immaculada, 22, Barcelona
Language: Spanish
Admission: free, limited places, please register here

Guillermo Marfà Permanyer, UIC Barcelona School of Architecture.

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