Cooperation I: final presentation

The architecture, when build without resources, is architecture in essence, since it is necessary to work with local materials and of low cost, is necessary save constructive systems and think in solutions of good climatic operation.

For this fact, the main aim of the subject is to enter the students in the context of the cooperation through the architecture. Architecture cooperation involves to carry to good port project in a context all often with climatic situations limit and with an overhead lack of usual material. It is necessary to develop research in this field and work in the field of the cooperation to the development to avoid the increasing social inequalities, is pretend to endow to the student of tools and necessary knowledges for can work in this field and create a space of reflection of social content.

The work with the Foundation Vicente Ferrer provides no only a frame to understand how carry out of integral way projects of cooperation but also an opportunity for the development of a project that has to last along the course and that comes considered the same foundation.

Mobile Health Clinic

A Mobile Health Clinic could be described as a flexible health facility deployed into remote areas to provide basic medical care where no other infrastructure exists. They form part of a dynamic process of response to health problems and are generally part of a larger strategy of health care as they do not function well independently. They are a popular means for providing health care to population groups who have no access to a health care system.

Design a ‘Mobile Health Clinic’ to support and help provide greater connectivity between the elements of the existing health network established by RDT-FVF across the remote regions of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.


Anantapur District (where the majority of work is carried out by the Fundación) is the 2nd driest region in India and suffers from recurring drought having an annual rainfall of only 381mm. Due to this the land is very barren and relatively flat.

A large percentage of the villages that we will be attempting to access will not have proper roads, however they will be easily accessible via dirt tracks that only become problematic when flooding occurs during the very short and rare monsoonal rains.

The design results of this this project and the research conducted during the process will be used to demonstrate to the core team at RDT-FVF the benefi ts of mobile health care and how it could be used to grow their existing health network to reach more people and to solve more problems. The Community Habitat team will monitor the process of design development in order to ensure that all relevant issues are covered and that all queries raised by the students can be answered. Environmental Performance
The structure should be designed to be as sustainable as possible and maximise energy effi ciency. The states of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, in which the organisation works, are hotspots for capturing solar energy and as such the use of photovoltaic panels should be considered. Other methods for harvesting energy may also be appropriate (such as wind).

Find below a compilation of the work of our students:

121 | Anna Mirapeix, Judith Puig and Sergi Viñals

121_Mirapeix, Puig, Viñals.jpg
121, Anna Mirapeix, Judith Puig and Sergi Viñals

Healt Capsule | Alexandre Llapart, Oriol Anglada and Álvaro Dorronsoro

health capsule.jpg
Health Capsule, Alexandre Llapart, Oriol Anglada and Álvaro Dorronsoro

Aitivin | Marta Guixé, Ariadna Martínez and Janire Morales

AITIVIN, Marta Guixé, Ariadna Martínez and Janire Morales

DIY Clinic | Agustín A. Patiño, Omar David Castillo and César Eduardo Castilla

die clinic.jpg

Medical Pocket Box | Inés Casals, Inés Ladera and Carlota Aluja

medical pocket box.jpg

Mobile Umbrella | Mia Pujol, Ana Lucia Rosas and Estefania Suárez

Mobile Umbrella.jpg

Openbox | Marta Esqueu, Philip Mountain and Marc Otero

open box

Satbhuja Mobile Clinic| Daniel Amkie, Roberto Contreras and Pablo Murillo


Alexandre Llapart, UIC Barcelona School of Architecture.

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