Grand Finale Friday Recommends – 27.06.2014

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Emerging from the darkness of final exams, all of us are going to need a lot of leisure activities these holidays as we (temporarily) assimilate back into the real world. Often sleep-deprived, the best gift that an architecture student could receive would probably be some space to catch up on your zzz’s, however we have scouted the entine www to make sure that we say ‘happy summer holidays’ and ‘thank you for following us for the last months’ with some of the best Friday Recommends for architecture students. What this implies is that there will be no more daily posts until October 2014.



Let’s Talk Architecture, Events, Tours and Language Exchange

An important skill to always keep practising is the ability to see. Ghaleb’s Meetup group organises walking tours around the city. Take a chance to explore your surroundings and take visual notes about the architecture you encounter.


Life Drawing Barcelona

When it comes to getting comfortable with hand-drawing, there are two options: (one) to purchase a sketchbook and practise on your own or (two) to sketch from real life to develop your drawing skills and sharpen your awareness of the existing environment. Sketching from life trains you to observe, analyse, and evaluate while recording your surroundings. Join this the Life Drawing Barcelona Meetup group to tick off the one or two hours per day drawing routine while you are having fun!


Biblioteca Jaume Fuster by Josep LLinás

Find inspiration from the 5,026 sqm building which was recipient of the 2006 FAD awards and from its large catalogue in architecture-related books, magazines, and media.


Jazz Up your Instagram!

Use Instagram to showcase your talent and improve your online presence. Here we’re profiling some of the most amazing architects instagram feeds:

– Julio Juarez, Darkitectura – Darkitecto
– Iwan Baan – Iwanbaan
– Lee. F Mindel – leemindel
– Alexandra Lange – langealexandra
– Brian Slocum – adhocism
– Jimmy Stamp, Life Without Buildings – lifesansbldgs
– Fernando Guerra – fernandogguerra
– Julien de Smedt –juliendesmedt
– Vivien Wei Wei Lui – vdubl
– Shop Architects – shoparchitects
– Pedro Kok – kokpedro
– Alex Papchristidis – alexsviewpoint
– trash – trashhand
– Trina Salamet – soybeanbun
– Alexander Gorlin – alexgorlin
– Salva López – salvalopez
… don´t forget about ESARQ’s instagram – esarq_uic
Title: RCR LAB · A Laboratory of Architecture and Landscape
Organisers: RCR Arquitectes and RCR BUNKA Foundation
Dates: From 2-Aug-2014 to 29-Aug-2014
Venue: Espai Barberi, Olot, Girona

This year’s workshop offers the architectural point of view of RCR Arquitectes, with the architects’ monitoring of the projects produced in the workshop and guided tours throughout their built work. The workshop will be complemented with conferences given by prestigious guests combining architecture, landscape and other related design professionals.

The workshop is open to architecture students from 4th course onwards, as well as for young architects and other professionals related to architecture and landscape. The course will take place in the ancient Barberi foundry, where the studio RCR Arquitectes is located.


Title: Workshop Local y Visitante (I): Paisajes Heterotopicos
Organisers: Q9 and Coll-Leclerc Architects
Dates: From 28-Jul-2014 to 3-Aug-2014
Venue: Mallorca

Q9 in partneship with Coll-Leclerc Architects and in collaboration with the COAIB (Official College of Architects of the Balearic Islands) are the organisers of the first edition of this workshop titled’ Home and Away (I): Heterotopic Landscaping’. The workshop will feature key contributors such as Tomeu Ramis (Flexoarquitectura) and Josep Bohigas (BOPBAA Arquitectes)
The workshop includes cultural and tourist visits. ‘Can Lis’ Jorn Utzon’s house in Mallorca and the Fundacio Pilar i Joan Miro, among other places.


Title: Cursos de verano en el Centro de Investigación de Arquitectura Tradicional 2014
Organisers: CIAT & ETSAM-UPM
Dates: From 1-July-2014 to 2-Aug-2014
Venue: Centro de Investigación de Arquitectura Tradicional 2014


“XI Curso-Taller de artes plásticas y arquitectura”, 1,2 y 3 de julio de 2014

“Tradición y modernidad de la arquitectura vernácula”, del 4 al 6 de julio de 2014

“II Curso-Taller de carpintería de armar”, del 8 al 10 de julio de 2014

“IV Curso-Taller de arqueología de la arquitectura”, del 14 al 19 de julio de 2014

“Curso- Taller de documentación y puesta en valor del patrimonio vernáculo”, del 28 de julio al 2 de agosto de 2014





Taschen Summer Sale!

Captura de pantalla 2014-06-26 a la(s) 11.49.14



FADfest is the FAD‘s annual event celebrating creative excellence. A showcase in which to discover the best proposals of the year in architecture, interior design, graphic design, advertising, industrial design, the handicrafts, art and fashion.

From the 25th of June, the fourth edition of the FADfest brings a fortnight filled with prizes, conferences, debates, talks and many other activities connected with design. To enjoy the works of the winners and finalists in the different prizes, do not miss out the “FADexpo: the best design of the year”, which will remain open from 25 June until autumn.

Fostering Arts and Design is FAD, a private not-for-profit association that promotes design and architecture in the country’s economic, cultural and social spheres. Founded in the year 1903, the FAD has become a standard in the fields of design and architecture in Catalonia and Spain thanks to its ongoing work in promoting the creative industries and in supporting professionals and businesses in this field through prizes to excellence, conferences, exhibitions, publications and events. In this regard, the FAD plays a leading role in dynamising design, as a catalyst of innovation.

The FAD is articulated through various associations that represent the different disciplines of design. The ARQUIN-FAD features architecture and interior design.


Biennale di Venezia

The 14th International Architecture Exhibition, titled ‘Fundamentals’, directed by Rem Koolhaas, organised by la Biennale di Venezia, and chaired by Paolo Baratta, will be open from June 7 to November 23, 2014, in the Giardini and the Arsenale.

Rem Koolhaas describes Fundamentals as an exhibition that consists of three main components:

1. – Absorbing Modernity 1914-2014 / National Pavilions

For the first time, the national pavilions are invited to respond to a single theme.
65 countries – in the Giardini, at the Arsenale and elsewhere in the city – examine key moments from a century of modernisation. Together, the presentations start to reveal how diverse material cultures and political environments transformed a generic modernity into a specific one. Participating countries show, each in their own way, a radical splintering of modernities in a century where the homogenizing process of globalization appeared to be the master narrative.

2. – Monditalia / Arsenale

Also for the first time, Venice’s other biennales and festivals – Dance, Music, Theatre, Film – collaborate with architecture.
In a moment of crucial political change, we decided to look at Italy as a “fundamental” country, completely unique but also emblematic of a global situation where many countries are balancing between chaos and a realisation of their full potential. The Arsenale presents a scan of Italy, established by 82 films, 41 architectural projects, and a merger of architecture with la biennale’s dance, music, theatre, and film sections. Each project in Monditalia concerns unique and specific conditions but together form a comprehensive portrait of the host country

3. – Elements of Architecture / Central Pavilions

This exhibition is the result of a two-year research studio with the Harvard Graduate School of Design and collaborations with a host of experts from industry and academia.
Elements of Architecture looks under a microscope at the fundamentals of our buildings, used by any architect, anywhere, anytime: the floor, the wall, the ceiling, the roof, the door, the window, the façade, the balcony, the corridor, the fireplace, the toilet, the stair, the escalator, the elevator, the ramp. The exhibition is a selection of the most revealing, surprising, and unknown moments from a new book, Elements of Architecture, that reconstructs the global history of each element. It brings together ancient, past, current, and future versions of the elements in rooms that are each dedicated to a single element. To create diverse experiences, we have recreated a number of very different environments – archive, museum, factory, laboratory, mock-up, simulation…”


by Mia Pujol, Maria Cerdà and Jaume Nart, ESARQ_UIC Publications Team.

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