Installations 2 : Luminaria Octopus by A. Ferrer, F. Roca and M. Villa



Today we present the work of Alba Ferrer, Francesc Roca and Marc Vila for Installations 2 of the fourth year in Architecture. Installations 2 introduces students to the essential features of artificial lighting design. Students are tasked to design both practical and dramatic lighting schemes appropriate to the Salo del Tinell banqueting hall. The Luminaria Octopus project features the use of light in an imaginative and intelligent way to evoke a new concept where three spotlights with different functions are encapsulated in one floor lamp. With this project exhibition, the ESARQ succeeded in showcasing students’ innovative solutions towards the synergy of light and space.   


Assignment name: Artificial Lighting Installation Practical
Student name: Alba Ferrer, Francesc Roca, Marc Vila
Professor name: Miquel Samaranch
Subject name: Installation 2
Year: 2014

roca_ferrer_vila_ilum (1)

roca_ferrer_vila_ilum (2)

roca_ferrer_vila_ilum (3)



By Mia Pujol, ESARQ-UIC Publications Team

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