Projects II with Ines Ladera & Anna Mirapeix


From Idea to Architecture – The First House
In Projects 2, second year students are exposed to architecture by translating visual references, thoughts, intuition and briefs into a project that is achieved through accumulating, processing, re-drawing, re-enacting spaces, events and objects through drawings as well as sketching buildings by removing possible irrelevancies. Whose outcome is a recomposition of idiosyncratic architectures, types and characters.

Work from this year’s explorations was collected based on three themes: allusions in building a first house, the methaphysical paintings of Giorgio Morandi, and cocooned trees of Pakistan.

This year, the students’ portfolios disclose their own ways of looking, thinking, telling and putting forward positions and projects of architecture in a spirit that is open and daringly vulnerable. In order to exemplify this, we have brought to you two extraordinary projects: Anna Mirapeix’s First House and Ines Ladera’s First House.

© Anna Mirapeix
© Anna Mirapeix. Title: Anna First House
© Ines Ladera. Title: Ines First House
© Ines Ladera. Title: Ines First House

by Mia Pujol, ESARQ Publications Team


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