Friday Recommends – 23.05.2014

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THIS WEEK WE LOVE: Drap-Art’14. International Festival of Recycling Art of Catalonia, BruumRuum! Lights and sound, Susana Solano’s Low flight, In Times of War, and much much more.


Drap-Art’14. International Festival of Recycling Art of Catalonia
until 04-Jan-2015
Call for artists: deadline 30-Jun-2014

Groc 1
08002 Barcelona

Drap-Art’14. International Festival of Recycling Art of Catalonia is a non-profit association, founded in 1995 in Barcelona, which promotes creative recycling with the organisation of festivals, exhibitions, markets and workshops. It has become a platform for the emerging sector of artists, designers, craftsmen, and other creative professionals from Europe and other parts of the world who use trash as raw material. From these premises, it functions as an awareness campaign that invites us to consume more responsibly and to respect the theme of the three R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle).

Drap-Art’14 will be developed in eight modalities to show us the possibilities of creative recycling: group exhibitions of art and designer objects made from recyclable materials, interventions in public space, a space for thought and discussion, the traditional art & design market, participative workshops, performances, audiovisuals and environmental cinema.

Drap-Art’14 looks for a balance between the participation of national and international artists; between emerging and consolidated artists, in order to promote the interchange between countries and generations. For this reason, as well as the artists, musicians, workshop conductors, designers, conference holders and audiovisual creators selected by the open call for artists, the festival will include the participation of invited artists, selected in collaboration with specialised organisations, galleries and independent curators. Among the already confirmed special guests, we would like to mention the Austrian artist Klaus Pichler and his project “Thirty Percent” dealing with the waste of food in the Western world, whose participation was made possible by the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum.


BruumRuum! Lights and sound
everyday from 9:30pm to 11:30pm
free entrance
Disseny Hub Barcelona
Glorias Catalanas, 37
08018 Barcelona
Taking up a surface area of 3,300 m² and 550 LEDs fixed on the floor, the BruumRuum! installation is switched on every day from 9.30 to 11.30 pm. This project by David Torrents and artec3, with the collaboration of LEDsCONTROL, revolves around a ground-level illuminated graphic which sets up a special dialogue between people and public space through sound and light.
The shape and colours of the installation react to ambient sound from the city and also from pedestrians in the place, through a great microphone. Then, the lights are in constant movement, capturing the stridency of vehicles driven, the conversations of passersby or softer noises, translated into the light plot in delicate and subtle movements.


Susana Solano, Low flight

23-May-2014 to 06-Sep-2014
free entrance
Fundació Suñol
Rosselló, 240
08008 Barcelona

The Fundació Suñol usually gives over the first floor of its building to exhibitions offering an in-depth look at work by artists in its collection. On this occasion, the foundation hosts a collection of the personal, universal language of Susana Solano, an artist who creates symbolic spaces out of abstract forms inspired by nature, her surroundings and memory. Using a wide range of materials, including iron, steel, wicker, aluminium, PVC, glass, cord and wire mesh, she leads us to observe these pieces and also take part. She draws on her own experience to raise questions about human beings and their relationship with their habitat. A large part of Susana Solano’s output is made up of architectural forms found in nature—cavities, receptacles, basins, hills, etc—that explore edges, boundaries, spaces between the visible (the outside) and the invisible (the inside).

Low Flight alludes to the horizontal nature of the pieces laid out on display across the floor in the exhibition rooms. The pieces practically merge with the ground, removing the gap between the earthly and the symbolic, as if their presence formed an essential part of the space.



The Rescue of Catalan Archives During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).
by Jaume Enric Zamora Escala, PhD in Modern History from the UB.
27-May-2014 7pm
free entrance

In Times of War
Mon closed. Tues-Fri 10am to 5pm. Sun 10am to 8pm.
Reial Monestir de Santa Maria de Pedralbes 

Baixada del Monestir, 9
08034 Barcelona

As part of exhibition that examines the period 1931-1941 and Pedralbes Monastery in terms of its political, social and cultural role. During that time years, the monastery struggled to protect its contents and continue with its preservation programme, acting under the Museums Commission and what would subsequently become the Archives Service Government of Catalonia.



The Architecture of Hapiness
by Alain de Botton

Paperback: 280 pages
ISBN-10: 0141015004
ISBN-13: 978-0141015002

Alain de Botton lives in London and founded The School of Life and Living Architecture ). Bestselling author who has written about love, travel, status and how philosophy can console us. He has now turned his attention to one of our most intense but often hidden love affairs: with our houses and their furnishings. He raises questions such as, ‘what makes a house truly beautiful?’, ‘why are many new houses so ugly?’, ‘why do we argue so bitterly about sofas and pictures – and can differences of taste ever be satisfactorily resolved?’, ‘will minimalism make us happier than ornaments?’

To answer these questions and many more, de Botton looks at buildings across the world, from medieval wooden huts to modern skyscrapers; he examines sofas and cathedrals, tea sets and office complexes, and teases out a host of often surprising philosophical insights. The Architecture of Happiness will take you on a beguiling tour through the history and psychology of architecture and interior design.


The Lake House
Director: Alejandro Agresti
Year: 2006

Why should you watch this film: A good romance movie with a smidge of architecture … some time travel … handsome actor who can’t act … snow on the ground. If you like all of these things, this is your movie. (It’s exams period so no must-watch-now film can be recommended!)



by Mia Pujol, ESARQ_UIC Publications

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