Biodigital Architecture & Genetics 2014


The second International Conference on Biodigital Architecture and Genetics follows the very successful first edition of the conference in Barcelona (2011).

Biodigital Architecture and Genetics implies a new approach to the new cybernetic-digital and ecological-environmental architectural design process intended to harmonise new technologies with nature. This involves ideas such as genetics in the biological and digital spheres and experimentation with genetic driven software, evolutionary processes, emerging systems, algorithms, parametrics, scripting, etc. Another important issue is the new formulations of non-standard architecture based on genetic principles such as variation, mutation or hybridisation.

The list of topics gives an idea of the scope of the conference and the workshops.

Biodigital Architecture and Genetics is very multi-disciplinary by definition, attracting, in addition to architects, many other professionals. In that regard the conference participants and the workshop participants, as well as architects, are expected to be engineers, planners, physical scientists, sociologists and economists, providing all of them an opportunity to share information and ideas with their colleagues from different regions around the world.

Registration Information
To register for the conference click here

To register for the Workshop click here

Conference Fees
Includes conference and workshop proceedings, other documentation and refreshments.

Conference, 30 euros
Workshop (A or B), 90 euros

02 Jun 2014 to 04 Jun 2014

A. Biodigital Architecture Workshop
Biolearning and parametric with Grasshopper and 3ds Max

B. Mobile Biodigital Design
Mobiles and Smartphones as collaborative learning devices

04 Jun 2014 to 06 Jun 2014

Main topics
Biodigital research, teaching and professional experiences
Nature’s geometry in architecture
Emerging design strategies
Generative algorithms
Bionic design
Natural processes of formalisation
Biolearning methods in architecture
Topological and continuous architecture
Morphodynamic vs. morphogenetic strategies in architecture
Fusion of computation and genetics in design
New methods of biodigital production
Digital conception and fabrication
Biodigital and genetic architecture visualisation

More information

Please visit
Please visit ESARQ_UIC website, click here.

by Mia Pujol, ESARQ_UIC Publications Team

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