Friday Recommends – 02.05.2014


THIS WEEK WE LOVE: Invocable Reality, FACES – Anatomy of Autonomy, Making neighbourhoods and Archives of Architecture in Catalonia.


Invocable Reality
Invocable Reality

02-May-2014 from 9pm
English or Spanish subtitles
Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA)
Plaça dels Àngels 1
08001 Barcelona

As part of the exhibition Invocable Reality, the following documentaries explore the different perspectives and complexities that art practices project onto reality. Curated by Montse Badia, it includes a series of specifically commissioned works by artists such as Mireia Sallarès, Rafel G. Bianchi, Enric Farrés-Duran, Antonio Ortega and Núria Güell.

Barcelona 2006: The civic year by Jordi Oriola, 2007
Duration: 30 min
In 2006 the Barcelona City Council implemented a municipal bylaw to maintain the peace and quiet of the area. The bylaw was approved following an intense social debate on antisocial behaviour in the city. This documentary explores the controversy that ensued by giving voice to the citizens, those affected by the law and the politicians.

Chinese shadows by Raquel García Muñoz, Francesco Salvini, Míriam Sol i Torelló, Clarisa Velocci and Mamadou Diagne, from the collective Postcul, 2011–2012
Duration: 16 min
During the construction of Barcelona’s Filmoteca (Film Theatre) old grudges were dug up by exposing the opinions of those who lived in the area, rumours on the life of the Raval and a crisscross of alternative stories.

Roquetes. Memories from a neighbourhood by Laura Villaplana and Jordi Oriola, 2011
Duration: 27 min
Roquetes has a long history as a neighbourhood. Its origins lie in the struggle and achievements of its inhabitants and the way these shaped their identity as a neighbourhood. But times change and so do people’s needs. How will this powerful collective memory affect today’s new challenges?


shapeimage_1FACES – Anatomy of Autonomy
07-May-2014 to 30-May-2014
Mitte Barcelona
Bailén, 86
08009 Barcelona

A fun and interactive exhibition of graphic art and design for everyone, by Lee Goater. Faces is an ongoing personal project started in 2011 with Responsible Street Art for Sharing. Initially eight characters were created and applied to Polaroid sized magnets and anonymously distributed around the UK and beyond. Spurred on by the warm welcome the faces received and surprised by how the different characters were interpreted led to questions around the idea of self. Playing with the idea of self, identity and how we are perceived, Anatomy of Autonomy takes Faces into its second phase.


Making neighbourhoods
29-April-2014 to 25-July-2014
Espai Avinyó
c. d’Avinyó, 52
08001 Barcelona

Urban space as a place where a vast number of personal stories, intimate battles, daily routines and people who will probably never meet each other are coexisting anonymously. Some of the participants of «Making Neighbourhood» are born in the city of Barcelona, some others have arrived to it after long hazardous adventures or as a result of their perseverance. Some have never been out of this city, others have arrived due to tragic circumstances.

Jiwar’s project, in collaboration with Societat, revolves around neighbourhood’s philosophy, understood as the privileged and necessary space of living and peer interaction. Departing from the agreement with the Africa Centre Foundation of South Africa, Jiwar hosted in residence during the month of November 2013 the South African artist Sydelle Willow Smith, who carry out her project Making Neighbourhoods through interactive workshops with African immigrants living in Barcelona. The tools used are photography and video. With her permission, Jiwar opened a call with the same name, opened to artists and researchers from other disciplines who wanted to reflect on neighborhood relations, preferably from participatory creative processes, thereby building a small human map of the dynamics of interaction in the city of Barcelona.


arxius_arquitecturaArchives of Architecture in Catalonia / Arxius d’Arquitectura a Catalunya

Archives of Architecture in Catalonia is a project of spreading online, dynamic and interactive, specialising in the fields of architecture and design in Catalonia.

The AA aims at cataloging and dissemination of architectural and design Catalonia, placing a special emphasis on emergent, unknown, forgotten or inaccessible architecture works. The AA has built a large database that is updated constantly. It aims to establish itself as the most complete reference to the architectural heritage of Catalonia.

Such celebration of the architectural heritage of Catalonia not only contributes to the consolidation of an identifying standard of quality for architectural production, but also allows, through the understanding of their shared traits: site , climate, materials, construction, tradition; to highlight those factors that in one way or another are part of a collective memory .

By Mia Pujol, ESARQ_UIC Publications.

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