Latest Architecture Competitions, our pick – 20.03.2014

The Troldtekt Award 2014: the bloggers’ pick of this week’s competitions!

Troldtekt Award 2014

“The Troldtekt panel is a traditional and natural acoustic ceiling product made of Danish wood and cement. However, it is also very flexible which means it can be cut to size and used in completely new ways. In 2010 and 2012, the students competing for the Troldtekt Award came up with a host of creative ideas. Consequently, we are thrilled to be launching this year’s competition”. Peer Leth, CEO of Troldtekt A/S.

1 Apr 2014 : registration period ends
30 Apr 2014 : deadline for submission of projects
Prize for the winner : EUR 5,000

Troldtekt A/S is challenging architecture students to propose new ways of using its classic Danish-produced acoustic panels in the concept competition Troldtekt Award 2014.

The competition last took place in 2012, when Troldtekt received entries from 23 countries. The 2012 competition was awarded to Matthias Kisch from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen for his Acoustic Synecdoche project, an acoustic cloud sculpture with the option of integrated lighting.

Three international architects on the judges’ committee.

The deadline for registering for the Troldtekt Award is 1 April 2014. Project proposals must then be uploaded on the competition website by 30 April 2014.


• Jorge Vidal, architect, Foro Director and co-founder of Rahola Vidal Architects, Barcelona. ESARQ-UIC professor, Director of Foros ESARQ.
Bjarne Mastenbroek, architect, founder of SeARCH architects, Amsterdam
Mikkel Frost, architect, co-founder and partner of CEBRA A/S
Peer Leth, CEO, Troldtekt A/S
Niels Kappel, product developer, Troldtekt

by Mia Pujol, EARQ-UIC Publications Team

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