Latest Architecture Competitions – our pick, 20.02.2014

StudentCompBanner2014_thumb_w_580XThe ‘FYM Italcememti Group’, ‘IV Steelcase Contest Architecture Students’, ‘IV IS ARCH Awards for Architecture Students‘ competitions: The bloggers’ pick of this week’s competitions!

FYM Italcememti Group
4 Apr 2014: deadline for submission of proposals

PFC FYM Italcementi Group

The school of Architecture at the University of Navarra, in conjunction with the FYM Italcementi group, hosts this international competition to award a prize for the best Final Year Project whose standard of quality, innovation, originality and creativity foregrounds the use of concrete as part of an architectural project. The award comprises a scholarship for the Master’s Degree in Architectural Design offered by the School of Architecture at the University of Navarra. The award-winner must meet the entry requirements for the master’s Degree in Architectural Design programme. To enter the competition, contestants must register in advance via the competition website.

IV Steelcase Contest Architecture Students

13 Jan 2014 : registration period opens
28 Feb 2014 : registration period ends
31 Mar 2014 : deadline for submission of proposals
2013_SC_ArchitecturalBanner_V3_SpanishIn this fourth edition, contestants must propose a novel concept of workspace, which responds to an wellbeing needs of office-based employees. Steelcase hopes to continue supporting the development of architecture as a fundamental discipline in building workspaces, collaborative work to promote, encourage creativity and promote the link architecture students with the new trends in work spaces investigated by Steelcase . Participation in the competition all those schools of architecture students enrolled in at least one subject in the academic year 2013-2014 in any national university. Each contestant must decide if it is in a group, with a maximum of four components, or individually. To enter the competition, contestants must register in advance via the competition website.

IV IS ARCH Awards for Architecture Students
9 Dec 2013: first registration period begins
24 Feb 2014: second registration period begins
12 May 2014: third registration period begins
30 Jun 2014: deadline for submission of proposals

Showcase your work to the world and join the debate on what architecture solutions you and other student pals are able to contribute towards the framework of university studies.
To enter the competition, please visit ISARCH’s website

by Mia Pujol, ESARQ_UIC Publications

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