Master’s Degree in BioDigital Architecture

ESARQ BiodigitalThe BioDigital Architecture programme continues to evolve through the development of our research in the lab, in seminars and in dissertations. The programme aims each year to produce new research that takes forward our interests and expertise in digital organism and the design and development of systems in a variety of scales.

Course director and coordinator
Dr. Alberto T. Estévez
Karl S. Chu

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MSc, 60 ECTS credits. 1 academic year (9 months, 1,800 hours)

Our work focuses on the interdisciplinary effects of emergence of the new cybernetic-digital and ecological-environmental architectural design and the evolutionary computation of design and production technologies, which are developed as creative inputs for new architectural and urban design processes. Building on the achievements of our past studies, we will include greater involvement from experts in the fields of component systems and material computation, urban physics and algorithmic urban design, engineering, advanced computation and computationally driven fabrication. We will continue our Masterclass series for the 13th year, along with lectures, tutorials and workshops from Dennis Dollens (Exodesic, USA), Alberto T. Estevez (ESARQ_UIC, Spain), Neil Leach (University of Southern California, USA), Ezio Blasetti (Columbia University, Pratt Institute, Penn Design, USA), Fran Castillo (Responsive Environments, Spain), Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa (School of Architecture of Cooper Union, USA) and Karl S. Chu (Pratt University, USA).

2014 Master's Seminars

The instruments of analysis and design in BioDigital Architecture are computational processes. The seminar courses and core studio are designed to familiarise students with new instruments and associated conceptual fields and with their application to architectural design research. The courses are thematically and instrumentally cross-linked with each other.

Course curriculum

  • Metaphysics and Computation
  • Theories of Emergence
  • The Fundamentals of Genetics
  • The Emergent Nature of Life
  • Eco Manipulation
  • Genetic vs. Generative
  • Digital Tools and Organic Forms
  • New Bio and Digital Techniques
  • The work of Antoni Gaudí and Salvador Dalí as a source of Biodigital Architecture


Diapositiva1 mej

Application Information
Professional degree or diploma in architecture, engineering, industrial/product design or other relevant discipline.

More information, please visit ESARQ’s website here and BioDigital’s dedicated website here and Facebook page here and Flickr page here.

by Mia Pujol, ESARQ_UIC Team

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