ESARQ_UIC Instagram competition #2 {Recap}

Thank you to everyone who posted entries for the second competition ESARQ_UIC Textures Instagram competition. And special thanks, for the time spent in reviewing all entries, to Aitor Estevez Olaizola, professional photographer and ESARQ’s associate professor, Jordi Roviras, ESARQ’s professor in construction, and Marta Poch, ESARQ’s Director of Cultural Affairs and Publications.

We will be announcing who the winner of the ESARQ_UIC Textures Instagram competition is very soon. So watch out this space!


This second Instagram competition is now officially closed. But, as we await for the jury to select the best photo, we have prepared a list of the winners of the last weeks:

12-Dec-13 – best photo of the week went to:

19-Dec-13 – best photo of the week went to:


In the meantime, download the Instagram app for iPhone or Android (VERY IMPORTANT: make sure your profile is public so that we can see your entries!). Follow ESARQ_UIC on Instagram and Facebook.

More information here.

By Mia Pujol, ESARQ_UIC Team.

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