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This year has been the 4th edition of Masters Degree in International Cooperation in Sustainable Emergency Architecture. Developed in the ESARQ-UIC, this Masters Program forms part of the Erasmus Mundus European Cooperation Program, which is considered to be one of the most prestigious programs in the world.

This Master is an official degree that prepares architects, urban planners and other professionals to develop and rebuild communities affected by the ever-growing impact of climate change, military conflicts, rapid urbanization and economic crises in both developed and developing countries.

Mundus Urbano Team
Mundus Urbano Team

The one-year program provides students with the necessary theoretical and methodological background in order to develop an interdisciplinary approach and manage projects in cooperation and sustainable development ranging from the urban to the architectural scale.

Having as director our teachers Carmen Mendoza and Sandra Bestraten and as assistant director Raquel Colacios; this Master is taught by a prestigious group of specialized, interdisciplinary professors with proven track records and with the collaboration of NGOs and other institutions that participate actively in the field of international cooperation. The academic staff is also composed of researchers from the four universities collaborating with the Mundus Urbano program.

Directors Medellín Workshop
Directors Medellin Workshop. 

The course of one academic year is taught in three term. One term of theory-practical clases, a second term where students travel to a place in which to follow in situ the process of a project in International Cooperation, and a third and finally part where students will  prepare their theses.

One of this year’s main focal points has been the Ciutat Meridiana workshop, an academic exercise and collaboration with the peripheral Barcelona neighborhood of Ciutat Meridiana, whose aim has been to improve the living conditions in this socio-economic and urbanistically challenged neighborhood which suffers the highest eviction rate in Spain as a result of the financial crisis.

Ciutat Meridiana Workshop
Ciutat Meridiana Workshop.

During the first part of the course the students have attended to various and interseting lectures:”Post-disaster reconstruction specialist” with Mario Aquilino, “Crisis y Cooperación al Desarrollo, Defender y aprender” with José Maria Vera director of Intermón Oxfam, “Approach and experience on energy access for the poor” with Teo Sánchez of renowned UK agency Practical Action, “Humanitarian shelter, past and future” with Tom Corsellis, director of ONG Shelter Centre and “Ante la crisis: Arquitectura como necesidades de primer orden” with Verónica Sánchez.

This year the students take off to Medellín, Colombia, site of this year’s field trip and one of this year’s highlights.  Together with students of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and the Graduate School of Planning and Architecture of the University of Columbia in NY , students are participating in the workshop Rethinking the Urban Fringes in Medellín, Colombia: Alternative intervention models.

Trip to Medellin, Colombia.
Trip to Medellin, Colombia.

The workshop started on the 18th of March with an open presentation by all the workshop participants, including our co-directors Carmen Mendoza, who spoke about neighborhood regeneration and citizen participation in Catalunya and Sandra Bestraten, who drew a parallel between two cases of environmental restoration in Medellín and Barcelona. Clara Irazábal, professor of the Universidad de Colombia and also a member of our faculty, also gave a talk, in addition to our students who shared their proposals and conclusions of the Ciutat Merdiana workshop.

Trip to Medellin, Colombia.
Trip to Medellin, Colombia.

For more information about the program, head over the homepage and browse through the sections!

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