Master in Regenerating Intermediate Landscapes

The need to regenerate the large suburban sprawl, the shopping centers and commercial strips, or to preserve agricultural land and river banks strongly arises in our metropolitan regions. All these episodes no longer respond to local government boundaries, but to ad hoc constraints of functional, morphological or environmental character. Intermediate approaches, those between the local and regional level, are therefore needed to resolve conflicts and develop new opportunities.
The “Master in Regenerating Intermediate Landscapes. Sustainable strategies for contemporary landscapes” is devoted to provide the tools and methodology required to address these needs. This program is based on traditional core values of European planning, specifically: the concern and promotion of local identity and environmental values and the commitment to social equity. This program integrates current research by international experts into a  comprehensive approach where economics and management combine with ecology and culture.
Our program consists of 60 ECTS structured around 4 modules and 8 courses during one academic year made up of two semesters. In order to see our syllabus, course description and financial aid check out our BLOG:

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