Master’s Degree in Scenography and Contemporary Cities

The Master’s Programme in Scenography and Contemporary Cities addresses subject matter ranging from the basics of traditional scenography to modern interpretation and design of urban locations. The class lecturers are professionals who work in the theatre, virtual film and motion pictures.

This programme includes on-site experiences in urban locations such as real theatres. Through a continuous re-elaboration process, students will build performance experiences in the city, theatres and virtual spaces, while they compile data, memories and ideas from their shared relationship with the urban territory.

Students will define their ability to analyse urban reality as they improve their knowledge of and expertise with stage design, by producing a storyboard, managing lighting, and building sets. After gathering different levels of experience, such as their local memories of the city, personal views, perspectives and historical atmospheres, they will design and create theatrical spaces in the natural complexity of the disciplines of architecture, theatre and contemporary cities.

The programme boasts institutional connections with other international educational institutions such as the Institute of Design and Technology at Zurich University of the Arts (idt-ZHdK, Switzerland), the Central School of Speech and Drama at the University of London (CSSD, England) and the Faculty of Fine Arts at Brno University of Technology (VUT, Czech Republic).

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