Postgraduate Course in Accessibility (online)

The 21st century has given rise to various regulations and requirements in many countries that attempt to improve accessibility and break down architectural and communication barriers in order to enhance the quality of life of all citizens, particularly that of elderly and disabled persons.

But in spite of these regulations, many professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, design and construction continue to apply accessibility criteria as obligatory impositions, often adding them onto projects “a posteriori,” and without properly taking into account the advantages offered by public spaces, itineraries, elements, services or products, nor the importance and value of making them accessible to persons with limited mobility or communication skills.

This Postgraduate Course provides an opportunity for discovering that access is not merely a need for select persons with disabilities, but rather an advantage for all members of society. The curriculum promotes solving problems of accessibility from the very beginning of the project in a way that is visually subtle, economically feasible, and aesthetically in line with the original design, in order to develop standardised, safe, and comfortable solutions that incorporate new technologies, when applicable, and altogether enhance the comfort and quality of public services.

The course is offered via virtual online work sessions that encompass practical and theoretical elements relevant to the programme. Coursework also includes case studies, which help to contextualise the various concepts addressed in each module.

Web :  UIC Masters

Director : Enrique Rovira-Beleta

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