Master’s Degree in Accessibility (online)

There is a social and market demand for companies and professionals who are able to respond to the requirements set out by Design for All which are based on improving the accessibility of our environment.

This social and business reality brings with it the need to open new paths in the specialisation of professionals which develop both areas of knowledge and encourage an exhaustive understanding of the different techniques and skills, giving this union a high level of vocational and developmental potential.

These professionals will form part of a key future sector, providing solutions for the elderly, the severely disabled and those with temporary reduced mobility and/or communication. Having completed their training, they may work in public or private companies or organisations, giving rise to the new role of “Accessibility Consultant”.

This master’s is divided into two subject areas: Accessibility (technique) and Design for All (social).

Director : Enrique Rovira-Beleta Cuyás

Webs : UIC-Masters

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