Referències: Estudi a Munkkiniemi d’Alvar Aalto

Estudi a Munkkiniemi, Hèlsinki, Finlàndia (1954-56)


“An architect’s studio should provide both peace and quiet for the individual and the possibility of group work. This is the key to the general character of the building. Turning its back on the street in almost Oriental fashion, it opens instead onto an intimate inner garden which rises, amphitheatre-like, and thus can also serve as an auditorium.” Alvar Aalto

“Situated on a corner site in one of the suburbs of Helsinki, Aalto’s office resembles more a villa than the conventional image of an architect’s working space. This impression is deepened by the ‘garden side’, where Aalto formalizes the contours to create a space which spatially and formally resembles an amphitheatre…” David Dunster

“Because of the thoroughly collegial relationship between Aalto and his associates, all academically trained architects, this office has been designed ‘as if for a family’. . . The office consists of two large drafting rooms each with its own reception areas, archives and conference rooms. Neither of the two drafting rooms has special rooms or predominance over the other. They therefore can be used interchangeably for larger or smaller projects. The building has no windows on the street side and is very well insulated from exterior disturbances. For this reason it opens onto a garden surrounded by an open amphitheater— available to all associates for lectures, good fellowship and recreation.” Karl Fleig

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